March 29, 2009

Today Audra decided to come with me to Y2K9 to work with Carla.  It’s great that she’s old enough to help out and as a bonus, I get a lot more video!  Also, having someone along makes it easier for me to work on the weave poles and the teeter as at this point, those are easier to do with 2 handlers.

For weaves, we just called Carla back and forth between us.  We started at 6 poles, then went to 8, then to all 12.  You can see Carla hopping over the channels – I’m not sure if that’s something to worry about or if that will just fade in time. 

Here’s Carla on the teeter.  This is how we started the teeter a long time ago, just having Carla drive to the end to get her reward.  Then a different instructor had us do some work on going down off the teeter which had the unintended effect of causing Carla to stop at the beginning of the contact zone to wait for the teeter to drop.  So we went back to just going right to the end, and at the end of the session, we added a little bit of bounce to the board.  Audra enjoyed this because she stood at the end of the teeter and called Carla to a finger target.

Then we did a short sequence – which was super fun, but clearly we need to start working on our A-frame contacts.  I think I’m going to order the DVD of Rachel Sanders Box Method and try that.

And finally, another VERY short sequence with a special guest handler!

After we were done at Y2, we jumped in the car and rushed to make it to Audra’s karate class.  We made it in time, and here she is leading her class in the first part of their kata.


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