Audra’s Rally Debut

December 10, 2009

This past weekend my dog sports club, Y2K9s in Wyndmoor, PA, held it’s annual Barketplace market.  Basically Barketplace is a fun place to hang out and shop for the dogs and doggie people in your life.  This year for the first time, we also had demonstrations of some of the dog sports we’re involved in.  There were demonstrations of agility, freestyle, disc dog, Rally-O, and more.

I helped out with the Rally demonstration and Audra came with me.  Since Carla was in season and couldn’t come, one of the other club members let Audra borrow a dog.  So Audra made her Rally debut with Raisin, a 13 year old deaf Sheltie.  Since Raisin can’t hear, Audra struggled with the stationary exercises (she didn’t know how to communicate “Sit”) but overall I thought she did really well for her first attempt.  Luckily Raisin will follow a cookie anywhere!

Perry stopped by with Reanna, so of course she wanted to try to.  As you can see, Raisin was a VERY good sport!

In other news, one of my trainers lent me a copy of Susan Garrett’s 2×2 video, so I’m going to be giving that a try with Carla.  With any luck, she’ll start nailing weave poles just in time to take maternity leave.


One Response to “Audra’s Rally Debut”

  1. Ann Says:

    THIS was the first videos of yours I saw, which OF COURSE made me subscribe (YT).

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