Puppy Agility

July 18, 2010

Well, here we are, 5.5 months after the puppies were born and they’re both still here. Lizzie is definitely staying. She is Audra’s puppy, and while she may not be the most agile dog out there, what she lacks in structure, she sure makes up for with enthusiasm.

Beaker (formerly Leonardo) is also still here. If the absolutely perfect home comes along, I might let him go, but in the meantime, I’m having a good time introducting him to agility. Both puppies are in class with Sassie Joiris and it’s a real hoot to watch them.

Lizzie is a very earnest worker and tries very hard to be right. Beaker is much more laid back, and distractable, but Sassie assures me he’ll be a great agility dog some day. We haven’t done much with them outside of class, but here are some videos that we took today.

The puppies don’t know much about showing yet, but here are some pictures of them getting used to a grooming table. As you can see, Beaker is finally losing his baby fluff. His tail wouldn’t stop wagging long enough to get a good picture.

From July 2010

Lizzie looks more and more like her mom, although I think she has more substance.

From July 2010


One Response to “Puppy Agility”

  1. sassie Says:

    They’re looking great! Tell Audra she’s really doing a wonderful job with Lizzie!

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