In class on Wednesday, Carla had weave pole issues. She did 6 poles twice, but then had a real problem doing them again. So, in our private lesson on Friday, we concentrated on, you got it, weave poles!

In all our different classes and different instructors, we’ve never consistently worked on weave poles. In our very early classes we did a lot of work with very open channels, then one instructor introduced 2x2s so we did some work with that, but I never really followed up well with ANY method. Not surprisingly, while I occasionally get a very nice weave performance, it’s highly erratic.

So, on Friday we started over, using 6 straight poles with guide wires and ex-pens. I wish I had a video of this, because Carla did GREAT! She was faster and more confident than she has ever been. And even while we weren’t working, she would go over and offer poles. At the end of the session, she was consistently weaving 6 poles with no ex-pens and only 1 guide wire. When we practice at home, I’ll put the ex-pens and guide wires back to start, and I’ll make sure I get video.

The puppies, are continuing to be stellar performers. Here’s Lizzie weaving – this is about as many trials as we do with her because she is still just a baby. You can also see her here on Audra’s blog.

We also worked the puppies on the chute – they’re very wiling to go in, but sometimes come out crooked. When we introduced a jump in front of the chute, both puppies immediately tried going around the jump and the chute and running right for the treat at the end. Luckily Dawn is very quick so the both learned that they will not get rewarded for bypassing an obstacle. Here’s Audra and Beaker:


Week 2

February 15, 2010

The big news this week has been the weather.  Snow, snow and more snow!

Of course the puppies have stayed nice and warm inside. Here’s one from a few days ago, all snuggled up with Reanna.

And of course, the obligatory 2 week photo shoot pictures:

The puppies got hungry on the set, so we had some food brought in:

Then after the dinner break, it was nap time.

Darlene provided us with some “L” names that are in keeping with this breed’s Portuguese heritage. So far, the favorites are Leonardo and Lisette.

2 Days Old

February 3, 2010

Puppies at two days. They’re doing much better than I am, I’m a wreck.  Having puppies is stressful!  So far though, all is well.   I am also amazed at how hard it is to take pictures of these little guys.  They may not be able to walk, but they sure do squirm! 

I tried to take some pictures that would show their markings.  I’m assuming this will get easier once they’re a little bigger.

Today Carla and I took the first tiny step to getting back in shape for agility.  I had her run up the teeter board a few times, and do a couple of jumps in my basement.  Not much, but it’s a start, and more importantly, reassured me that she’s feeling ok.

They’re here

January 31, 2010

Well, they’re here!  Today, almost a full week sooner than I expected, Carla had her puppies, one girl and one boy.  The girl was 5.8 oz, born at 2:30 PM, her brother came along at 5:09 and was 4.2 oz. 

I was a little worried about the girl at first, she seemed to be having some problems breathing at first, but she seems ok now, although is definitely less vigorous than her little brother.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on her tonight.

Carla seems fine, and although she didn’t want to be separated from me at all during the day, she’s made it VERY clear that she has things under control now, and no longer appreciates my company.  So here are the birthday pictures.  They boy is the dark, smaller one.