Teeter Progress

June 23, 2009

I finally feel like we’re making some progress on the Teeter.  The quick history is that I spent a lot of time trying to get Carla to go to the end of the Teeter, and then letting the end drop a bit, then a bit more, etc.  However, what I discovered is that Carla HATED the banging of the teeter and the feeling of it banging her butt on the way off.

So… we went back to the beginning and just started working on getting OFF of the teeter.  For weeks, and weeks, AND WEEKS!  Finally two weeks ago, I could get Carla to go over a low teeter and drive off it enough so that it wasn’t hitting her on the way up. 

This week, we raised the teeter a bit and you can see that she’s a lot less concerned going off.  She’s driving towards the Manners Minder which you can’t see in the video.  You may be able to see that she is still flicking her ears back when she hears the bang, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with our progress.

I also want to teach Carla to hold something, partly because it’s cute, and partly because I have grand aspirations of someday getting a CDX.  I’m not quite sure how to go about this, but saw Sassie Joiris do something like this with one of her dogs at a seminar.  Hopefully I’ll get to see Sassie in a couple of weeks and she can help us along.

And finally we played around with some of the other body targets we know.  No goal here, just playing around.