Perfect Score!

April 12, 2009

Today Perry, Reanna, and I took Carla to the Harrisburg show to compete in Rally.  Carla and I competed in Advanced B, and completed the course with a perfect score of 100 for first place.  Yeah!  Perhaps even more exciting, I FINALLY have a video of us doing Rally. 

It was fascinating watching the video – I didn’t realize how much I’m still bending over and leading Carla with a finger target.  I don’t think I’m doing this while practicing, so it may just be part of my anxiety issue.  The targeting aside, today, I felt that we were finally working as a team.  I was very nervous until about 2/3 of the way through the serpentine, and looking at the video, I can almost see Carla relax and start to enjoy herself. 

As usual, Carla made friends and by the time we were through the course, had acquired an entire cheering section, which you can hear as we finished.

Reanna has been asking for a video of HER and Carla, so after we were done in Rally, we took advantage of some of the open space at the show site for Reanna and Carla to show their stuff.  Including Reanna’s version of “spider Reanna:”

Later as we were browsing vendor booths, we met another Podengo person!  I can’t remember her name (Sandy maybe), as Reanna was not interested in chatting, but it was fun to meet someone else with a Podengo – and I’m looking forward to meeting with her and her dog Ethel(?) at the National.